Single Component AM 72

Fast setting Assembly Glue


  • High viscosity
  •  Assembly and frame bonding of laminates
  •  Core production
  •  Very short setting time
  •  Gap filling
  •  Good moisture resistance
  •  Bond quality D2 (DIN EN 204)

Fields of application:

  •  Gluding solid wood
  •  Joint and frame bonding of hard and soft wood

Technical data:

Basic: PVAC dispersion
Coulor: White
Viscosity: 11,000 – 13,000 mPa.s
Approx: 12.500 mPa.s

PH value: 4 – 6

Instructions for use:

  • Open time: Approx . 15 minutes
  •  Press time / setting time: 60 minutes
  •  The data shown is base on 8 – 14 % wood moisture
  •  Ensure that the parts to be bonded are close fitting and free from dust and
  •  Usually, application of the glue to one side only is sufficient.

Equipment used to apply the glue may be cleaned easily using cold or Luke –
warm water before the adhesive has dried hard. Hard dried glue remnants have to be
removed mechanically.
Packaging size:

  • Plastic pail of 20 kgs net
  •  Metal drum of 200 kgs net and Tank 1,200 kgs

Storage instructions:
Store in original tightly closed container in a cool, dry place away from frost.
Stir well before use. Storage life up to 12 months