Dulux Water-based Wood Paint
Dulux Water-based Wood Paint

Introduction to Dulux’s Intergrain Water-based Paint

With the current sustainability trend, many users are switching to water-based paint because it is safe for health, does not affect the environment, prevents mold and does not peel off due to sun, UV exposure and rain over the years compared to PU, NC solvent-based paints.

Intergrain water-based paint is produced by Dulux Group, one of the leading paint manufacturers in the world. It is easy to use and has high durability, applied for many purposes such as: Decking, cladding, modified wood, resorts in sea climate, indoor furniture and many other functions.

Intergrain Ultradeck is a type of paint with the main component being water-based, designed to highlight the natural color of all types of wood. This product not only protects wood from harsh weather conditions but also resists wear and tear due to traffic, providing optimal protection for wood over a long period of time.

Some outstanding advantages of Intergrain Ultradeck Paint:

Long-lasting durability: This product has the ability to withstand better and lasts longer than 3 times compared to regular oil-based paints.

No flaking, peeling or blistering: This is a major advantage of Intergrain Ultradeck, the paint layer will never peel or crack.

Easy to use: The paint can be easily applied to the wood surface using a brush, paint sprayer, or by using a rag.

Diverse colors: Intergrain Ultradeck has many different colors for you to choose from, from Merbau, Jarrah/ Redgum, Redwood, Charcoal, Cedar Cypress, Light Oak, Dark Oak, Teak, Walnut.

With these superior advantages, Intergrain Ultradeck is the perfect choice to protect and beautify your wood products.